Kitchen Drapery Updo

She was tired of the kitchen area after we updated the adjoining great room.  The kitchen table and new chairs gave the room a more sophisticated feel that better suits the style of the home.  Even though there a large window in the space the room felt dark.  We added stylish LED lighting on dimmer switches to have the option to really light up the room.  A lighter paint color helped complement the beautiful cabinetry.  The finishing touch was the drapery panels that are floor to ceiling.  Everything now feels fresh, bright, with a touch of sophistication that the homeowner deserves to look at every morning when she gets her morning coffee.

Frustrated with a Room in your House? No More.

Have you ever walked into a room in your house and become frustrated because it continually zaps your energy?  It’s either been neglected or presents some sort of challenge.  We all seem to have that one area.  My passion is taking those spaces and turning them into a joyful ambiance that makes you smile when you walk through the door.

A realtor recently told me after looking at my before and after photos that “they look like real houses; they don’t look staged.”  I told you that they were “real” houses that I performed my magic on.

We always begin by looking at what you currently own.  It seems like you already know what items need to go.  When I recently asked a female client to, “Tell me about this picture.”  She told me that a dear friend gave that to her a long time ago and that she and her friend had a feud some time ago and no longer speak to one another.  We discovered that the picture was full of negative energy in her space and took it down.  She was amazed at how good it felt.

That was the beginning of creating a revised space that gave her confidence to know she enjoyed everything presently inside.

When should you Reupholster your Furniture?

I get asked this question a lot. You have furniture that’s gotten a lot of use and the fabric is sun faded and worn in places. Does it make sense to reupholster. The top picture shows existing chairs in the great room. They hadn’t gotten a lot of use over the years but the fabric faded. We considered these points:

1. Is the furniture still comfortable to your body size?
2. Is the frame still solid?
3. What is the price to buy brand new?

Oftentimes while shopping you’ll find the furniture on the market today is not the same quality as 20 years ago. There might not be a fabric option that works. With custom we were able to find the perfect fabric in a comfy fabric with a fun pattern. We stained the legs in an updated color that blends with the existing decor. We can change other things too like the arm roll, add a skirt or remove a skirt, many options. In the end, the price to reupholster will be about the same as purchasing new ~ but you’ll end up with exactly what you wanted. YOUR STYLE. ONLY BETTER.

Family Room – Before & After

This new sofa was delivered and suddenly nothing else in the room was working for this couple.  We started by installing this textured wallpaper to soften the space with a warm wall color.


Family Room – Before & After

Now that the kids were teens it was time to update this Eagle Valley home.  The first thing we did was replace the carpeting with a hand scraped wood floor.  Comfort was the goal for the remainder of the project.

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