This local accounting office, Gebhard & Giguere, had a tiny reception area.  They explained to me that If more than two clients came in at the same time there was no space for them to sit or stand.   They hired me to create a comfy, welcoming, interesting space with room for five waiting clients.  Since they were expanding their staff and utilizing an additional floor in the building, I suggested we convert the office shown below into a waiting area.  First I moved the coffee station from the crowded hallway into the new space.  Next I shopped for new furniture, wall art, lamps and accessories for this group of busy professionals.  They loved everything I showed them so I immediately went to work ordering items and putting the room together.  They were grateful that neither one of them had to spend their valuable time shopping!

The greatest compliment I received from this makeover is when the owners told me their clients love the new space, especially the swivel glider chairs on the right!