Marsha Anderson, Interior Designer

I am in my 14th year of helping individuals, couples and families with their personal spaces. I have built a lasting clientele of relationships based on trust. I believe in the power of beautiful interiors to transform daily life. With a BA in Broad Area Arts & Design I have a well-trained eye for quality, craftsmanship, furnishings and textiles. My aesthetic is classic with a twist, timeless with an unexpected pop of color. I am known for creating spaces that are functional, friendly and truly fantastic.

Functional. Friendly. Fantastic.

My clients rely on my expertise and quality customer service to bring them ideas, samples, and completion of their project that remarkably fits their style. After our initial appointment, I shop for you and put together samples that I would recommend based on our conversation. We work together to navigate options while eliminating the wasted time and overwhelmed feeling that often comes with doing interior projects. This can and should be an enjoyable process for you. It all starts by completing the questions on the “Contact” page!

“The best thing I did was hire Marsha.”

~ Jill Padden, West Lakeland

My Story

After enjoying a successful 20-year career at the investment firm of Piper Jaffray, I thought “enough” to the financial industry. Honoring my true passion for helping couples revitalize their interior spaces, I decided to return to college before I reached the age of 50. With my husband and son by my side, I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Broad Area Art & Design in 2006. In conjunction with my education, I felt that I have been blessed with the designer “gene.”

I have a well-trained eye for quality, craftsmanship, furnishings, and textiles. My aesthetic is classic with a twist, timeless, and always with a splash of color!

I LOVE What I Do

The joy on clients faces when I complete a project is the best feeling and tells that me that I have done my job successfully.  I am here to help you transform your spaces, and have fun while doing it!  My clients trust me to energize their homes from room to room leaving an inviting, efficient flow that leaves them with a sense of confidence that their space(s) look and feel great.  Do you have spaces in your home that don’t spark JOY?  We should talk!


We spend time walking through your space as you help me to understand what you want, what you like and what you need.


We will identify what you want to keep, donate, recycle, renew or add to your space so your design plan is exactly what you want.


Once we have a plan, I will bring that plan to life and transform your home or office into a space that you love to be in.