For the last few years we have seen many model homes in the current trend of gray walls and white everything else.  Finally we see trends moving away from this sterile commercial-looking palette.  Bathroom cabinets are emerging in bright kelly greens and warm blues.  I am thrilled to see pops of color emerging once again in all rooms of the house, being the color girl that I have always been.  One of my favorite blue paint colors that I’ve been using is by Benjamin Moore, HC-159 called “Phillipsburg Blue.”  The “HC” stands for their historical color line.  I just used it on two adjoining walls at a condo on the river in St. Paul.

Back to gray, I tend to stay away from cooler grays that have a blue undertone to them.  Those grays make me feel like I’m standing inside cement walls.  Brrr.  Rather, I favor the warmer grays neighboring on the taupe side with a brown or green undertone.  These are not trendy colors but rather have been around for over ten years.  I remember the go-to wall color for model homes at one time was called “Tony Taupe” or “Tavern Taupe.”  #paintcolors