As a professional interior designer, I am in a lot of master bedrooms. When you think of it,  It’s the first room we wake up to and last place we see before we close our eyes. We spend at least one third of our lives in our bedrooms. That is a lot of precious time! We need this room to feed our senses in the best possible way.  Here are six easy interior design tips that you can try to appeal to all of your senses:

Six Interior Design Tips to spruce up your Master Bedroom: 

  1. Headboard:  Without buying an entire new bedroom set, consider replacing the headboard. Styles change, and chances are you have had the same headboard for years. Therefore, It may be time to change it up and chose a new design!
  2. Artwork:  What’s on your walls?  How long has your artwork been hanging in the same spot?  Ask yourself, “Do I like this piece of art anymore?”  If not, take it down.  Try moving art work from one room to another to capture different lighting. Maybe it is time for something new. There are many local art shops and galleries that carry both local and international artwork. Do a search and make a day of shopping for a unique piece of art, whether it be online or on foot.
  3. Declutter and reorganize:  How long has that pile of books and magazines been stacked up on the floor.  Why not find a spot in a closet to store them between readings?  Trade a few books that you’ve already read with a friend to access his/her trendy reads.
  4. New Pillowcases and sheets:  What is it about a fresh, crispy new set of pillowcases and sheets? Let’s face it, we all sleep better with brand new clean sheets! No stains, Just wonderful newness!
  5. Essential Oils in a Diffuser:  This is a popular way to add ambiance to your space as well as reap health benefits for better sleep and hindering allergy outbreaks. Lavender can be rubbed on the bottom of your feel for fast absorption and better sleep.
  6. Vase of Fresh Flowers:  With farmer’s markets on the streets this time of year, you can purchase a fresh bouquet of flowers. Furthermore, for a few dollars a week you can update not only the look of the master bedroom but the scent of it as well.

To sum it up, you might be surprised at how much better you will feel waking up in your newly transformed bedroom with my suggested improvements. If you get stuck or want my help, give me a call and we can do it together! 651-470-7724. Your Style. My expertise. You can check out some of my interior design transformations here: