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Transformation Tips

Designing Colorful Spaces You’ll Love to Live In

Featured Topic: “Let it Go, Baby!”

I will be the featured speaker at the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn Event on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 from 12-1:00 at the conference room on the main level, 700 Commerce Drive in Woodbury.  Why do we keep old, ugly stuff in our homes?  They're draining...

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Kitchen Backsplashes

An easy way to give your kitchen a new look is to add to update the back splash.  Jamie moved into her newly purchased home.  She didn't like the granite counter top.  I told the granite was beautiful and would be expensive to swap out.  My recommendation...

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Accounting Office Needs a Waiting Room

This local accounting office, Gebhard & Giguere, had a tiny reception area.  They explained to me that If more than two clients came in at the same time there was no space for them to sit or stand.   They hired me to create a comfy, welcoming,...

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Wallpaper is HOT!

If you want to get excited to add a splurge of energy to your home in 2018, add some wallpaper to your main floor bathroom.  I can find the perfect color and pattern and have one of my installers hang it! This is a cork-like paper that went in...

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Kitchen Drapery Updo

She was tired of the kitchen area after we updated the adjoining great room.  The kitchen table and new chairs gave the room a more sophisticated feel that better suits the style of the home.  Even though there a large window in the space the room felt dark.  We added...

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Granite Countertops vs Man-Made Materials

I have been helping clients select their counter tops for the past ten years.  I'm a big fan of the natural stone, granite. It is challenging for manufactured solid surfaces to compete with the colorful flows and patterns of this natural stone.  Granite is...

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Spaces Magazine Presentation

So excited to be interviewed for an upcoming issue of Spaces Magazine. The upcoming issue is on remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.  My submission was on Bathrooms.   This recent customer of mine interviewed a general contractor to price out relocating...

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Frustrated with a Room in your House? No More.

Have you ever walked into a room in your house and become frustrated because it continually zaps your energy?  It's either been neglected or presents some sort of challenge.  We all seem to have that one area.  My passion is taking those spaces and turning them into a...

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I want to be your stress reliever today! Wouldn't you love to walk through your door after my team has been there to see your home all decorated for the holidays?  I can already feel your shoulders relaxing and your face smiling. It's December 1st already and I know...

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Finishing Touch Is Where It’s At!

The finishing touches are key to update any space.  First of all the newly installed shades met the objective for privacy but something was still missing.  Consequently, a cornice board mounted at the ceiling height resulted in added warmth, interest, texture and...

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Painting Used Furniture

I am working on some fun projects.  I just helped a family finish their lower level.  They had a big old entertainment center that was solid oak.  We donated the top portion and decided to re-purpose the cabinet base.  We primed the wood and painted it with a warm...

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When should you Reupholster your Furniture?

I get asked this question a lot. You have furniture that's gotten a lot of use and the fabric is sun faded and worn in places. Does it make sense to reupholster. The top picture shows existing chairs in the great room. They hadn't gotten a lot of use over the years...

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