I have been helping clients select their countertops for the past ten years.  I’m a big fan of the natural stone, granite. It is challenging for manufactured solid surfaces to compete with the colorful flows and patterns of this natural stone.  Granite is available in many colors and ranges from large moving patterns to more predictable patterns.   Competitors point out that granite is naturally porous, however, slabs are getting sealed at the fabricators or at installation and will last 10-15 yrs.   Cambria’s quartz stone surfaces  have done a good job designing newer patterns (such as the Waterstone collection) that simulates the beauty of granite while offering superior strength and anti-bacterial feature.  Once considered rather pricey, granite is now comparable in price to other options.

Here is a kitchen that just had cabinets and granite countertops installed.  The back splash (and appliances) will pull it all together once they’re installed this week.