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Spend the 9-5 in a space that’s comfortable but still encourages productivity. For home offices, a makeshift setup at the kitchen table just doesn’t cut it. You need a separate, dedicated workspace, and we can help you do just that. Home office design is a relatively new idea, but our design experts have the knowledge and eye to create the perfect space for you. We’ll find a desk and chair that are ergonomic while still appealing and complement the aesthetic of the room. We often find ourselves transforming existing rooms in the house into a functional home office, such as one client whose space was a storage area that wasn’t getting much use.

    We also design commercial office spaces to elevate the feel of the workplace and make employees happy. No one likes spending their day in a bland, outdated office. Our design experts will bring your office up to speed on the latest trends and styles, whether you’re a company of 10 or 100. When clients come in, you want to wow them with your design, and we’ll incorporate your brand colors into the décor to really show who you are as a business.

    Just because you’re in a serious, professional space doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun colors and pieces. While your office chair should be comfortable and practical, we can add a whimsical lounge chair or funky lights to make the space feel more modern. It truly comes down to your design preferences and what works best with the available space. Whether you’re looking to design a home or commercial office, we’re here to help!


    We spend time walking through your space as you help us to understand what you want, what you like, and what you need.

    remodeled bathroom


    We will identify what you want to keep, donate, recycle, renew, or add to your space so your design plan is exactly what you want.


    Once we have a plan, we will bring that plan to life and transform your home or office into a space that you love to be in.


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