I will be the featured speaker at the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn Event on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 from 12-1:00 at the conference room on the main level, 700 Commerce Drive in Woodbury.  Why do we keep old, ugly stuff in our homes?  They’re draining our energy, every day we see them.  Worn out cushions in sofas and chairs and dusty accessories that once made our interiors shine.  Why is it we never get around to decluttering and taking ownership of the spaces we live in every day.

When I start with a client we go through their rooms and we get rid of those nasty items that we otherwise never seem to have time to address.  One gets so used to seeing their possessions on a daily basis that we don’t really “see” them anymore.  My clients are so grateful when we declutter their spaces to give us a fresh start moving forward.  Keep the items that still resonate joy for you.  That’s what you want in the rooms in your house.

I’ll give you easy ideas on how to turn your worn out spaces into rooms that you love to spend time in.