I get asked this question a lot. You have furniture that’s gotten a lot of use and the fabric is sun faded and worn in places. Does it make sense to reupholster. The top picture shows existing chairs in the great room. They hadn’t gotten a lot of use over the years but the fabric faded. We considered these points:

1. Is the furniture still comfortable to your body size?
2. Is the frame still solid?
3. What is the price to buy brand new?

Oftentimes while shopping you’ll find the furniture on the market today is not the same quality as 20 years ago. There might not be a fabric option that works. With custom we were able to find the perfect fabric in a comfy fabric with a fun pattern. We stained the legs in an updated color that blends with the existing decor. We can change other things too like the arm roll, add a skirt or remove a skirt, many options. In the end, the price to reupholster will be about the same as purchasing new ~ but you’ll end up with exactly what you wanted. YOUR STYLE. ONLY BETTER.